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Hampton One-Design Boat Grant Program

The Hampton One Design Racing Association official Boat Grant Program originated in 2023 however an informal program has been in effect for years. The program is designed to encourage a team of young sailors to experience the high level of competition offered by the Hampton One Design class. The Hampton One Design Class will grant an individual or team of two a competitive boat for one season of racing. Mentoring will be provided with the goal of exposing more young racers to the HOD class and racing circuit.

About the Program


The Hampton One Design Class will grant the selected sailor(s) the opportunity to experience HOD racing at its best by granting a competitive boat for the summer racing season.


The Hampton is raced by a team of two with the crew using a trapeze in winds over about 10-12 knots. It is a blast to sail in a breeze – when it will easily pop up and plane – but light enough that it will coast along in almost no wind. Sailors between the ages of 17 and 28 are invited to apply for the program.  


Applications must be received by April 1 to be considered. All applications will be evaluated against the listed selection criteria.


Each team is expected to sail in the pre-agreed regattas (minimum 3), maintain the boat and equipment and exhibit the highest level of sportsmanship. The grant is for the use of the boat and equipment for one season.  At the end of the season the boat may be available for purchase. The selected team will be assigned a mentor for the season.

The HOD was designed by Vincent Serio in 1934 specifically for the conditions typically encountered on the Chesapeake Bay in the summer. It quickly became one of the most popular boats on the Bay with over 700 built and remains one of the most active classes today.

With all equipment, the boat weighs 500 pounds and the all-up weight on a trailer is less than 1000 pounds so it can be safely towed by almost any vehicle. The optimum combined crew weight for the boat is 300 to 350 pounds.

To apply for the program, read the Grant Requirements and Selection Criteria below, complete the application and e-mail it to the address shown before April 1 along with any supporting documents.  If necessary, applications can be printed and mailed.



How to Apply


Simply fill out the Application Before April 1.


  • All members of the team must be at least 17 years old and less than 29 years old before their first regatta of the season.

  • You must commit to participating in three regattas however you will do better by sailing in as many regattas as possible.

  • You must be able to tow the boat to regattas (it is stored on a roadworthy trailer with a 1 7/8th inch trailer hitch).

  • You will be required to maintain the boat and equipment in top condition.

  • You will be assigned a mentor, and you should report to him or her on a regular basis.

  • You will be required to write an article about the program and your experience racing the HOD.

  • You will be expected to exhibit a high degree of sportsmanship and responsibility.

  • You may be reimbursed for expenses if you maintain records and submit receipts for your expenses.



Selection Process

The Hampton One Design National Executive Committee will review all applications and announced the selected team by April 30. Teams are welcome to submit any additional information they deem necessary to the selection committee. The Committee reserves the right to contact applicants for a phone interview and to contact references to finalize the selection.




The boat will be granted for use for one summer sailing season, May thru October 31 unless otherwise agreed.





Questions and Answers


If you have any questions, please email them to and we will post the question and answer on this website for all applicants to read.


What expenses are covered?

We will provide the boat, competitive sails, and the travelling expenses for the first three regattas that you compete. We have also included some money in the program for maintenance so if the boat needs some new lines or if you need to repair a damaged part, that expense will be reimbursed.


What costs will I incur?

Each member of the successful team will need to join the HOD Racing Association (as Associate Members which costs $25).


Is there a maximum age for the Program?

The program is geared for sailors aged 17-28 who have a desire to race in the Hampton One Design but do not have the resources to do it. The Class wants to help you get on the water and out on the racecourse in what we think is one of the most exciting and competitive boats on the Bay.


Are there any Regattas that we will be required to go to?

The only Regatta which you would be required to participate in is the National regatta which is usually the second weekend in August (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). You are required to participate in at least 2 additional regattas of your choice from the schedule. The schedule is posted on the website. We encourage you to sail in as many events as possible. Your performance will improve with practice. As part of your proposal, you must include a list of regattas that you will attend (minimum of three).   


Who is the Mentor and what will they do for me?

The mentor is the best part of the program. They will be an experienced member of the Hampton fleet with a lot of knowledge of the boat. Your mentor will help you get started, show you how to rig and tune the boat, additionally he or she will help with boat handling techniques, you name it. They are there to help YOU. They are also there to help watch over the boat and ensure that it is being taken care of and that its being properly cared for. The mentor will be available to answer your questions, help with regatta planning, and help you get the most out of the Hampton and the Boat Grant Program. He or she may be able to help coach, assist, and even sail with you from time to time. They are there to make your experience positive and help you learn as much as possible.





To apply for the Program:


If you would like to apply, please fill out the Application and submit it before April 1. There are two ways of submitting the application:


1.  You can submit your application and supporting documents via email to


2.  You may print out your application and supporting documents and Mail or Fedex them (postmarked on or before April 1) to:


5503 Center Street

Chevy Chase

MD, 20815


You should include with your application:

  • The sailing resume of each member of your team.

  • Letters of recommendation and contact information from your sailing references.

    References can be a current or former coach, a competitor, a member of your yacht club, or any other sailing reference who knows you well. No recommendations from relatives, please.

  • A personal letter outlining what the grant would mean to you and why you are the best candidate for a grant.  Be sure to address all the selection criteria.


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