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(From John McCarthy)

To All,

The 2009 CBYRA Bay-Wide One-Design Race Committee of the Year Award has been awarded to Hampton Yacht Club and the Hampton One-Design 75th Anniversary National Championships Race Committee. Congratulations to all who share in this special award. There are many, many championships contested on the Chesapeake Bay each year at dozens of clubs and the award is very coveted. This year it belongs to HYC!! For the record, race committee personnel were:

Signal Boat John McCarthy PRO Scott Almond Scorer Lin McCarthy Dick Boykin Sue Stephens Len Peddy Weather Mark/Finish Dave Hamilton Suzanne Hamilton Bill Samuelson Karen Hoffman Leeward Mark/Pin Bill Gibbings Dave Gibbings Rob Stephens Wing Mark Glenn Giles

Congratulations to the group, to HYC, and, of course, to the Hampton One-Design Class who put on such a wonderful, memorable event. We were the best on the Bay. Way to go! John

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