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Joe Morgan purchases HOD #412!!

I am happy to announce that Joe Morgan and his wife purchased HOD # 412 from Mark Merriner last fall, as a 25th wedding anniversary gift to each other! Joe is a lifelong member of Ware River Yacht Club who grew up racing both dinghies and skipjacks on the Bay. He served WRYC through the early years as director and instructor of the junior program and after multiple hiatuses, has recently served both WRYC and the Bay's sailing community as commodore of WRYC in 2009, and regatta chairman of the WRYC Governor's cup in 2007 and '08. Joe reports that he has come a long way over the winter with #412 and intends to make at least three or four regattas this summer! While he modestly claims that he will be of no threat to the front of the fleet, we all know he has a great boat and the resume to warrant our keeping an eye on him! Welcome Joe! It took you long enough! Better later than never!

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