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Broad Bay and Wolcott Memorial Draws HOD Racers from Connecticut!

Third-generation HOD sailor and National Champion HOD crew Chris Harrell flew down from Connecticut last weekend to begin logging his qualification regattas for the "Big Show" at FBYC in August. Chris sailed with his younger brother Parker, and has not lost a step. Chris beat Eddie Wolcott and Charlie McCoy to log his victory. Eddie Wolcott won the first race. Chris Harrell won the second, and then Chris duked it out in very close action with Charlie McCoy to seal his victory. The final standings were 1. C. Harrell; 2. E. Wolcott; and 3. Charlie & Charles McCoy. (Chris has been cross training in the Newport, RI Shields and J-22 fleets - so watch out, there is no rust.)

An even larger fleet showed up on Sunday for the Wolcott Memorial, which saw 7 boats and extremely close racing. The top three boats, all tied on points with 11 with Gordon Wolcott pulling out the victory on tie breakers. The final standings were as follows:

1. G. Wolcott

2. Bill and Billy Van Buren

3. E. Wolcott

4. C. McCoy

5. C. Harrell

6. Steve Taylor

7. Steve Drake - racing HOD #618 for the first time.

The Wolcott Memorial had a big fleet of FJs, Lasers and Optis, and a great post race picnic, courtesy of the Wolcotts.

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