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New HOD Campaign to watch!

Mike Toms from FBYC has announced that he is gearing up an HOD campaign for the HOD Nationals at his home club FBYC. He was planning to race at HYC in #712 this weekend to being tuning up and getting qualified, until a freak thunder storm blew a tree over on 712 this Tuesday at the Washington Sailing marina. Undaunted Mike will be out on the water in Hampton in a power boat, sizing up the competition, until 712 can be fixed. Mike has logged many races with Leigh on #718, and will be teaming up with his sister Kenney Cobb of FBYC, who is the mother of Anna Cobb, who crewed with Devon Sweeney and Mark Wheeler for many years. Mike is one of the top sailors at FBYC and is a mainstay of the Laser Masters fleet, and a respected leader of the FBYC Jr. sailing program (and a triathelete).

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