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Trevor and Rachel win 2010 HYC Trapeze Regatta

Here's a report on last weekend's Trapeze Regatta from Leigh Chapman, Congratulations to Trevor Pardee and Rachel Blake!:From Leigh: "Undoubtedly, with the heat here to stay, the best place to be Sunday was on the water. A beautiful, light breeze of about 8 knots from the south, southwest kept all five boats intertwined for a total of five races on Sunday. Trevor Pardee and crew, Rachel Blake, kept up a string of firsts to finish first…although Leigh and Dave Chapman managed to wrangle one victory from them in Race 4 with a flyer to the left headed downwind to the finish. It’s nice to have a pilot onboard when the current is cranking; they seem to be really talented at that rangefinding thing."

1 – Trevor Pardee and Rachel Blake

2 – Charlie and Charles McCoy

3 – Leigh and Dave Chapman

4 – T Brockenbrough and Tim

5 – David and Jennifer Taylor

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