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Ware River Governor's Cup this weekend...

The Ware River Governor's Cup is this weekend, Saturday, August 7th and Sunday, August 8th.

Registration runs from 8:30-1030, and the skipper's meeting is at 11:00. Because the Hamptons won the Governor's Cup last year for the biggest fleet, we are the first class to start in the starting sequence, so don't be late!

Last year the Governor's Cup competition was extremely close, the Hamptons had 12 entrants, and the Bucaneers and Albacores followed close behind with 11 and 9 entrants respectively. Remember, the Governor's Cup is actually awarded based on the total aggregate number of starters for each race in each class, not the number of registrants. This means we will only get full credit for our participation if all entrants race every race. In the end, I think the HOD's won because the Bucaneers had more DNC and DNFs than the Hamptons.

At this point I have heard of 8 boats that are planning to make it so we should definitely be in the hunt this year. If you're on the fence bring it on. PRO Rick Klein thinks we will need at least 10 boats to contend this year. If you need a place to stay in Urbanna, just give me a call.

This year is a very special year for the Hamptons at the Governor's Cup, because for the first time in memory, we have a member of WRYC competing with us in his own Hampton. Joe Morgan will be racing #412 in his first HOD regatta this weekend, and is gearing up for the FBYC Annual and Nationals as well. Joe was Commodore of WRYC in 2009, and Governor's Cup Regatta Chair in 2007 and 2008.

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