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Fishing Bay 2010 Results

Six HOD teams took advantage of the Fishing Bay Annual to warm-up for this weekend's upcoming Nationals. The course was set up east of Stove Point which provided an unobstructed fetch for the south/south east winds, and RC did a fantatic job of getting off 7 races for most fleets on the outside course. There were 36 Flying Scotts on the line, so one-design sailing is clearly alive and well at FBYC. Saturday had steady breeze from the S, SSE at 5 to 10, with more 5 kts than 10. Sunday saw a steady 15 kts, with recorded gusts to 18 kts at the nearby Stingray Point weather buoy. With waves rolling straight up from Cape Charles, the conditions were exhilarating Sunday.

Chris and Jeff Harrell arrived with 711 in-tow behind Jeff's turbo diesel monster truck (not kidding) my boys are still talking about it. Way to keep the next generation engaged! The Harrell's lived up to the hype on the water on Saturday, patiently stalking 727 through the first two races, then pouncing in races 3 and 4, where they won two near match races in a row, complete with taking duels up both final weather legs. 711 blew out her jib halyard at the start of racing Sunday to take them out of contention for the overall.

Patricia Montague made her return to the water after 5 years in retirement, she was cool with Saturday's taking duels, but Sunday's conditions started to remind her why she hung up the top-siders, with 727 executing several T-baggings, and one heart-stopping near capsize to leeward upwind, rudder out of the water, arched back, both hands windmilling in the air, skipper's 10 years of marriage flashing before his eyes in a millisecond, etc.

Ian Twinn showed up with very little rust and made steady progress up through the fleet all weekend, finishing with a strong 3rd in the last and windiest race on Sunday. Baring any last minute set-backs with the broken hand, he should be locked and loaded for Nationals.

Joe Morgan raced with his brother Bill and were always within striking distance, even in the big breeze, and in spite of hauling around 100+lbs of water all weekend. With a little packing tape on the keel, he should be ready to mix it up this weekend.

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