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Blackbeard Cup Winners at Hampton Annual

Hampton Yacht Club put on a great one design regatta this weekend. The Hamptons were the largest class with 5 boats, but we also had three Sonars, two 505s, and one Viper on the course. The race featured the return to the water for Keith and Susan Godwin sailing the beautifully restored #625, and the skippering debut of Jackson Montague. Saturday featured a strong southwest breeze between 14-18 kts. Sunday featured a more subdued N/NE breeze of 7-12 kts which brought out more boats, but not quite enough crew in one case. Specifically, Gordy Stokes’ crew bailed at the last minute, but he was undeterred, and managed to single hand #708 brilliantly around the race course, including winning several legs, but ultimately the fully crewed boats proved faster overall after all the corners were turned. Leigh Chapman teamed up with Jackson Montague (14) in #718. Jackson was skippering a Hampton in races for the first time, and they were consistently in the top three, and managed to win the last of 5 races on Sunday with a substantial lead. Malcolm and Kathy Brady ran an excellent series of perfectly set double windward leeward courses, and we got in 7 races over two days.

HYC Annual Results:

  1. Latane and Lat Montague

  2. Will Roberts and Hunter Kahler

  3. Leigh Chapman and Jackson Montague

Upcoming Regattas

There are only two more regattas before the Nationals at Fishing Bay. The next regatta is the Corsica River Annual July 22 and 23. There are 5 or six boats planning to go experience Woody Granger’s hospitatlity, here is a link with more information.

Next on the schedule is Ware River August 5 & 6. Then Nationals at Fishing Bay.

Hampton Nationals at Fishing Bay is August 11, 12 & 13

If you need a place to stay, let us know, we have free rooms at our place in Urbanna. Here are a couple of other options in the Urbanna area:

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